Frequently asked questions


Why are the meditation classes free?

For us, meditation is not a business. Sri Chinmoy felt that meditation is the natural language between man and God, the mastering of which can’t be bought. These classes are selflessly offered as community service.

What is religious background of your teaching?

Although Sri Chinmoy was born in the Indian family, his teaching is beyond any religion. Once, in answering this question, he said that religions could be taken as houses. We are born in different houses, but the time comes when we  grow  and come  out of our respective houses to work together. This is spirituality.

“My love of God
Is my only religion”
– Sri Chinmoy

Is there anything after the courses?

After introductory workshops and taking  courses you could consider joining our Sri Chinmoy Centre where we have group  meditations and participate  in activities  that increase our own aspiration and happiness and also serve this purpose in the wider community where we live, i.e. to serve God in man.

However, if you feel some other path is for you – we sincerely encourage you to seek for your Home and Way. As we say – there is no “best way” in true spirituality. You just need to listen to and follow your heart.