Our Classes

We are happy to offer simple but profound cornestones of the spiritual life in order for you to become happier and thus spread happiness around you. We believe that happiness is our birthright. In Sri Chinmoy’s words:

Be happy.
You will get
What you like most.
You will be
What you like best.


Our courses cover the ABCs of meditation, including posture, breathing and concentration techniques, practical advice on creating your own meditation space at home, recommendation for a  holistic life-style  and setting up your own daily meditation routine. All classes include guided meditation exercises.

We can  make a most profound and unique contribution for betterment of humanity, starting with ourselves.

“There shall come a time
When this world of ours shall be flooded with peace.
Who is going to bring about this radical change?
It will be you and me
And our oneness-heart will spread peace
Throughout the length and breadth of the world

~ Sri Chinmoy

Our meditation classes are always free of charge. Sri Chinmoy felt that meditation is the natural language between man and God, the mastering of which can’t be bought. In keeping with Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy these classes are always selflessly offered as community service.

Our classes endeavor to provide an environment that is conducive to meditation. We do this  through the music, art and writings of Sri Chinmoy.

Class Schedule

We usually have classes every month. After an introductory  workshop, if there is interest – we hold follow-up meditation classes, always free of charge for those interested in knowing more about meditation and Sri Chinmoy’s path. We meet twice per week at Safety Harbor on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about month.

Please call 727-831-1124 to register to our nearest workshop and meditation class. You could also fill in Contact form.


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